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Training Programs

An Enriched Life for You and Your Dog

At Eagle K-9 Academy we understand dogs. We know how they learn and what makes them respond without hesitation. Let us help you with your dog obedience and problem behavior issues.

Dog Behavior Training

Allow us to train your pet as a proper companion, teaching loyalty and respect. We offer:

  • Evaluation
  • Basic Obedience
  • Counseling
  • Advanced Obedience
  • Puppy Training
  • Problem Solving

Obedience & Companionship

Our obedience and companionship course is a comprehensive program. This four-step process will provide a lifetime of pet-owning enjoyment.


Come in with your pet for a free, scheduled evaluation. We will try a few simple commands with your dog to see how he or she responds. We'll also determine your pet's attention and aggression levels. A discussion will offer advice and problem-solving techniques and depending on our findings, further training options and pricing will be provided.

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Basic Obedience

During basic obedience training your dog will learn verbal commands like heel, sit, stay, and come. At this time, the dog is trained to take treats from the left hand only.

Advanced Obedience

Your dog will learn to respond to verbal and hand signal commands. This is when we teach some off-leash work in a controlled environment. During this phase, if your pet is a good candidate, he or she may be taken to a convalescent home to interact and socialize with other people.


The final and most important phase of training is follow-up. At this step, we now train you to give the commands to your dog. We show you the proper way to hold the leash and how to give corrections when necessary. This is done on an individual basis, one-on-one with our trainer. You will need to work with your dog for at least 15 minutes per day. You will also be coming back to the academy for your follow-up lessons. Our reputation depends on your satisfaction.

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